Welcome to the blog.

Hello there. My name is Lee. Back in 2009, I started writing textbooks for Oxford University Press. Whilst I adore writing textbooks and consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to do so, it can be frustrating at times, as the law is constantly evolving and, rather inconveniently for authors, the law does not stay still just because someone has a book coming out. As textbooks usually have a six-month production time, the result of this is that textbooks will likely, to some degree, already contain out-of-date material upon publication (as I found to my annoyance when the Equality Act 2010 was passed shortly after the first edition of Card & James’ Business Law was published).

The initial response to this problem (and one that is still commonplace today) was to provide an accompanying Online Resource Centre, which would often feature an updates page, which would provide details of legal developments that occurred following the book’s publication. The problem with this approach is that updates were usually published every 4-6 months (if any updates were published at all), which would often be too late for students to incorporate into assessments. Accordingly, I decided to create two Twitter accounts (@UKCompanyLaw and @UKBusinessLaw) that aimed to provide updates in real time, with links to the source material (be it a case, statute, or some other resource).

Whilst Twitter is wonderful in terms of obtaining immediate notification of legal developments, the 140 character limit does mean that there is no scope to provide any form of detail or commentary on those developments. Accordingly, I decided to set up this blog, so that more detail can be provided on the more noteworthy developments. I have added several pieces that I originally published as part of the OUP Blog (an excellent blog I urge you to look at).

I hope you find it useful. Legal blogs (or ‘blawgs’ as they are sometimes referred to) are fast becoming an excellent source of information, and are serving to foster interest in the law to a wider audience, be it David Allen Green’s Jack of Kent blog, Carl Gardner’s Head of Legal blog, or Jo Maugham QC’s Waiting for Tax blog. Increasingly, easy-to-understand legal explanations are now available, with an excellent example being the Rights Info human rights website. Hopefully, this blog will be of use to those who have an interest in company law, corporate governance, and any other business law-related posts that are published on this blog.

I hope you like it and please do get in touch if you have any feedback or requests.


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