Here, you will find links to the key company law and corporate governance pieces of legislation. Please note that many of these links are derived from Legislation.gov.uk which is currently in the process of bringing all legislation up to date to include all outstanding amendments. Where amendments are outstanding, Legislation.gov.uk does flag this up.

Acts of Parliament

Subordinate Legislation

Rules with Legislative Backing

EU Legal Acts



  • Directive 1982/891/EEC (Directive on the division of public companies (the Sixth Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 1989/666/EC (Directive on disclosure requirements of foreign branches of companies (the Eleventh Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 2001/34/EC (Consolidated Admission and Reporting Directive).
  • Directive 2003/6/EC (Market Abuse Directive).
  • Directive 2003/71/EC (Prospectus Directive).
  • Directive 2004/25/EC (Takeover Bid Directive (Thirteenth Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 2004/109/EC (Transparency Obligations Directive).
  • Directive 2005/56/EC (Directive on cross-border mergers of limited liability companies (the Tenth Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 2006/43/EU (Statutory Audit Directive, replaces the Eighth Company Law Directive).
  • Directive 2007/36/EC (Shareholders’ Rights Directive).
  • Directive 2009/101/EC (Directive on disclosure of company documents, validity of company obligations, and nullity (replaces the First Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 2009/102/EC (Directive on single member companies (replaces the Twelfth Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 2011/35/EU (Directive on mergers of public companies (replaces the Third Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 2012/30/EU (Directive on the formation of public companies, and the maintenance and alteration of their capital (replaces the Second Company Law Directive)).
  • Directive 2013/34/EU (Directive on the annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain types of undertakings (replaces the Fourth and Seventh Company Law Directives)).
  • Directive 2014/57/EU (Criminal Sanctions for Market Abuse Directive).
  • Directive 2015/849/EU (Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive).
  • Directive 2017/828/EU (Directive concerning the encouragement of long-term shareholder engagement (amends the Shareholders’ Rights Directive)).